Castle Land Project - Center for the Advancement of Music, Art and Science

UPDATE: Castle Land Project - Center for Music, Art and Science!

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Castle Land Project - A Center for Music, Art and Science!


The Mozarts, Rembrants, and Davinci's of our time are out there! The Castle Land Project encourages the highest development of talents by providing tools, workspace, and financial opportunities to exceptionally creative people.

The Castle Land Project combines the elements of exciting special events, programs for education, music, arts, science, and global interactivity.

OUR MANAGEMENT: The Castle Land Project planning groups have over 300 members dedicated to making this dream a reality! We're not just looking for supporters. We're looking for kindred spirits! Join the Castle Land Project Planning Groups!!!

The Festival Venue will host several annual MUSIC and ART events spanning many genres, SCA Events, Educational Events, Renaissance Faire, as well as year round Creative Space, with Workshops and Residency Programs in:


Stone Carving/Masonry
Metal Working
Medieval History

Eco Homebuilding
Eco Farming
Alternative Energy
The Castle Land Project
Center for the Advancement of Art and Science

Please make your contributions now, and THANK YOU for supporting The Castle Land Project! Give ART a chance!!!

History and Ideas behind The Castle Land Project

For many years I have had the dream of building a PERMANENT FESTIVAL GROUNDS and INVITING MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, RESEARCHERS and other GIFTED PEOPLE from around the globe to come and live, work and create in an environment that is free from the pressures of the world.

This is an essential project to further artistic development and LONG overdue.

The festival grounds will host 3 to 4 large events per year. The rest of the time we will build up the land and create magnificent works of art and music.

The name for this endeavor is "The Castle Land Project." I chose the name "Castle Land" because we will use STONE as the primary building material, and yes, the plan is to BUILD A CASTLE with a great hall that extends in perpetuity.

During events, crowds will stroll along this great hall enjoying live music from recessed alcoves. They will gasp in wonder as they admire displays of art and technology. They will eat turkey legs and drink wine and mead that we produce on-site.

The place will be filled with musicians and artists and vendors. New technologies that help us live better lives will be on display.

The main festival event will be called, "The CLIMAX FESTIVAL: Castle Land Industry, Music, and Arts Xposition"

If you like the idea, there are several ways you can get involved!

* You can join the Castle Land Project planning groups and help with planning.

* You can make a financial contribution in any amount here on our website, ( ) or our "gofundme" page at .

* You can also make material contributions. Art Supplies, Building Materials, Musical Instruments. Whatever a new arts center needs, we need it! Please contact us for delivery options.

Please consider becoming a staff member, volunteer, artistic participant, sponsor, or benefactor. we need all of you!!

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Recent News

Our immediate goals and priorities will shift as we reach milestones along the pathway to success.

Our current goal is to acquire land to build upon.

Our Mission

There is a great need in today’s society for a place where we can be free to explore the depths of our creativity, A place to get away from the pressures of the world and just create. We will serve fans of art and music, history buffs, tourists, vendors of all sorts. We will promote sustainable technologies and companies that manufacture and sell them. We will foster and encourage in-depth study of the arts. This is a dream shared by millions, however, there is no place quite like it in the world today. Our growing teams of impassioned participants will provide the experience and expertise to ensure that this vital project will succeed and last many generations into the future. We envision such a place combining both the old and the new - the best of the modern world surrounding a hand-built medieval castle.